About hakuna matata

Hakuna Matata is a property buy- and sales, development and land acquisition company based in Bali and Lombok. We create dream homes where we provide a complete end-to-end property development and investing services throughout the islands.

A dream to sell dreams

It all started as a dream, a push from me towards the unexplored for me and my partner. Entering a country and having it engraved in your heart.

Eight years of faithfully visiting this country gives you plenty to analyze, but my partner only needed a couple of months to see the potential.

It all began with a project, Hakuna Matata Resort, which led to Copacabana.

That’s how our journey through Indonesia began. One day, over dinner and tequilas, we proposed a business idea… it went from being a dream to a reality in just a few weeks. It’s scary how quickly we grew, what was a dream for us is now a reality, and what is a dream for our customers, we strive to make come true.



‘For eight years, I’ve been visiting Indonesia and fell in love with the culture, landscapes, and ambience. However, it wasn’t until my partner saw the possibilities that I truly began to understand the country’s boundless potential. With just a couple of months of immersion, he saw beyond the surface, recognising opportunities where others saw obstacles. His fresh perspective infused me with renewed excitement and inspired me to look even deeper into Indonesia’s rich tapestry, uncovering hidden gems and forging connections that would eventually lead us to take off on a new venture together.’



‘When I visited Gili Air on a holiday, I immediately fell in love with the island. Not only Gili Air, but also the islands around it – Bali and Lombok. With determination I opened resort and restaurant Hakuna Matata, which was also the start of my real estate career. I found not just a business, but a home.

Moving to Gili Air was a dive into the unknown, but also a start of new possibilities in and around the island. That is when I started to invest in a new project, Copacabana, and after I wanted to create more. After doing a lot of research Aitor and I started to collaborate and we wanted to create our own dreams.’