Selling your property

It’s a smart step towards new opportunities. Highlight its best features, boost curb appeal, and use online platforms for maximum exposure. Whether it’s a cozy home or prime real estate, a smooth sale benefits both you and the lucky new owner, opening doors to fresh possibilities. 

Everything you need to know

Foreigners can tell a villa in Bali, although it’s essential to understand the regulations for property ownership and sales for non-Indonesians. As part of Indonesia, Bali follows the country’s property laws, which are specific about property ownership. However, besides following Indonesia’s real estate laws, Bali also has several local regulations that differ from national ones.

While foreigners can’t own freehold land, they can obtain other land titles such as Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB), Hak Pakai (HP), or Hak Sewa (HS). They can also establish a PT PMA (foreign-owned company) to hold the property. PT PMAs are also allowed to sell land or a villa in Bali. When selling, it’s crucial to ensure that all legalities are followed to ensure a smooth transaction.

Steps to sell your property in Bali OR LOMBOK

  1. Determine the property ownership in Bali
  2. Get your Bali villa valued by an expert
  3. Choose a professional real estate agent
  4. Prepare your marketing materials
  5. Have the paperwork ready
  6. Sign the deal
Our Bali property experts are here to help you address all your queries regarding buying property in Bali. We will cover all the essential topics, from land titles and visa requirements to local rules and regulations. We even guide you through the buying and building processes and offer insights into investment potentials and costs.